Conceded game

CASL does not the “Reschedule” individual games, but does allow for a conceded game if enough notice, by both teams, is sent to the league.
Notice of a conceded game must be submitted to the league by Wednesday 12 noon (96 hours), prior to the scheduled game.

Any game that is conceded after Wednesday 12 noon, can only be played at the expense of the teams.

If a team needs to Concede a game to the opposing team because they can not field a team, here are is the league protocol

  1. Contact the opposing team

  2. Confirm with the opposing team that your team is Conceding with, option…

    1. — Conceding and NOT intending to reschedule, scores to be reported as 3 – 0 in favor of the non-conceding team.

    2. — Conceding and intending to reschedule. If both teams agree to reschedule then the league will need a date (confirmed by both teams) with ample time notification, so that the league can get the field set up and referees confirmed.

  3. Confirm, both teams, with the league on agreed upon reschedule date. The league will then assign a field that is available.

  4. The opposing team does not have to reschedule as they can play when scheduled.

  5.  If the game is determined to be Conceded without an intent to reschedule the game will be assigned to the non conceding team with a score of 3 – 0.

  6. If both teams agree to a Conceded game with an intent to reschedule, then no score is entered until the game is actually played.

  7. If both teams agree to a Conceded game with an intent to reschedule, and at the end of the season, the game has not been played, then it will stand as NOT – PLAYED, with no points assigned to either team.