11’s – 16 game Annual Playing Season

Annual Playing Season will be $2,800.00 for a 16-game season without playoffs.

  • Team Managers will collect and pay a team fee to the NW YMCA

  • The team fee can be collected and paid in one payment or the team can opt for a two-payment plan. The 1st payment ($1,400) due before Aug 30th and the 2nd (final $1,400) payment is due 11/30/21

  • Teams will declare themselves to the league (2021/22 Team Declaration Form Here) so that their teams can be set up in the ADG /Affinity system.

  • * teams that do not reach the minimum 11 registered players by Sept 9th will not be included in the 2021/22 Master schedule.

  • Players that have registered will be placed on other CASL teams and the team manager will not be held responsible for the team fee.