2022/23 CASL Team Declaration info

Team registration requires the Team Declaration form (click here to download)
Returning Teams – All we need is the team declaration emailed back

Club Systems: make sure that your club team is clearly noted along with your individual team name

NEW Team – Make sure that Team Name/ Managers and Coaches names are on the Team Declaration

Team Registration Steps
1. E – Mail Team Declaration form to the league

2. League Registrar will contact you to set up your on line team configuration & training on the ADG/Affinity online system if needed

3. Team Managers that are players MUST register as a player before the league assigns them as Manager/ Coach

4. Players register themselves on line – email instructions will be sent by the league registrar
Players may select to Multi Roster at time of registration (no more then 2 teams and not the same division)

5. Minimum Requirement – We need 11 paid players to activate your team – a US Soccer minimum player requirement. All incomplete (unpaid) registrations will be deleted from your team roster upon activation

6. When a team declares we will set up (1) ONE scrimmage game

7. Teams with less then 11 registered players by September 1st, will be dropped from additional scrimmages & Master Schedule

8. Only Activated teams of 14 or more players will be issued a regular weekly practice time

9. Each division will hold a maximum of (8) eight teams per division.

10. Master Schedule can only accommodate 32 teams on the artificial turf fields, teams registering after the initial 32 will be assigned natural grass fields as their home fields.