2024 Summer-7's League

Cobb Adult Soccer League /NWYMCA Summer Registration Information

1.  Small fields with small *goals with a size 5 ball
2. 35 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime
3. Free Substitution on own goal kicks, throw in’s and at referee discretion.
4. 12 players maximum on-field roster. If your team is short you may add a player but ALL players must be registered through the online CASL Sports Connect registration system. contact Paul at pabeyer@gmail.com to make player roster changes.
5. NO Offside – only one center referee. 
6. NO Direct Kicks – this means no penalty kicks. Fouls that occur inside the penalty area will be placed at the closest point outside the box.
7. NO Goalkeeper Punts. Goalkeepers may drop kick or throw the ball to distribute into play.
8. Throw In’s are allowed.
9. Head Balls are allowed.
10. SHIN GUARDS ARE MANDATORY in all divisions – players must leave the field until properly suited up.
11. NO SPITTING Allowed – *Players will be immediately asked to leave the park 
12. NO Slide Tackles in the recreational divisions – Results in an indirect free kick – Players may slide to keep the ball in play but NO PLAYER TO PLAYER CONTACT
13. NO Goalkeeper Contact – Results in an indirect free kick
14. REFEREE INTERACTION – Managers must identify themselves before the match. Players/Spectators must maintain a six foot distance from the referee at all times.
15. Games will start on scheduled Kick Off time. Teams are allowed a ten minute grame period but must start when they have four players
16. Teams with less than a minimum of four (4) players (Grace period ends at the 16th minute after scheduled kick off)  will forfeit their game to the opposing team. That means players on the field ready to play. 
17. Home team will need to change color in the event of a conflict
18. Home Team will decide the goal they want to defend to start the match.
19. Away Team will have the starting Kick off.
20. Teams will “choose a side” of the field and maintain social distance from each other. Tents are allowed
21. Social Distancing Policy – Teams must stay in their technical area (i.e. bench) . 
22. Players must maintain 6 feet distance from the opposing team when off the field, this includes pregame, half time and substitution
23. Spectators – All spectators MUST be seated on the opposite side of the field from the teams.
24. The referee can “abandon” the game as soon as one spectator steps onto the field during the match
Players/Teams may be removed from both the field/park or schedule for Fighting, Alcohol,Guns,Tobacco, Drugs or SPITTING
Teams are responsible for their spectators as well as themselves and their spectators may be removed for any of the above 
Spitting – players spitting on the field will be asked immediately to leave the field
Spitting – players spitting at an opponent or game official will be asked immediately to leave the park and will be suspended for the 
remainder of the season without financial reimbursement.
25. RED Cards Count and must be sent into the league by text. Team managers must include the players name, and the reason for the red card. Players receiving a red card must leave the park immediately and any additional interference with the restart of play will be cause to sanction additional game suspensions. 
RED CARDS for Violent Conduct/ Referee assault or Abuse is a mandatory two game suspension.
26. CASL “rents” the junior goals so we (Team Managers) are responsible to unlock and move the goals onto the field AND to remove and lock up the goals after the game. 
27. A game is official if it is played into the 53rd minute of play
28. If a game is canceled due to weather then the match will be automatically rescheduled for the second Saturday. 
Scores need to be texted/emailed to the league Scorekeeper (James Parks) <Cobbsoccer7s@gmail.com> immediately after the game. Including the team names, scores and venue
Games results will be scored with Win (3) Tie (1) Loss (0) points.
Winners will be declared at the end of season with the most accumulated points. Tiebreaker – Goal differential
RED CARDS/GAME Forfeits/Terminations – must be texted immediately to the Disciplinary Chair (Dan Ridout) after the game.<casldna@gmail.com>
MISSING REFEREES – If you have a missing Referee or a referee issue – Text the referee assignor from the field- Mark Smith at (770) 500-9211
PARK or GOALS LOCKED.- if you get to the field and either the main gate or the goals are locked you need to text Scott Schadl at (678) 548-9158

2024 Season Calendar