Instructions on New Player Passes

CASL going to new player passes

Important reminder
ALL players must have a photo in the ADG/Affinity site by (Wednesday) September 21st.
New Bylaw requires all players to have ADG/Affinity Player passes by the third game of the system
Players can upload their own photo’s or the managers can upload all photos

Resize / Convert / Upload
Photos and Birth Certificates

  • Both photos and Birth Certificates must be images(jpeg, bmp, png -NO pdf)
  • The images can be no larger than 512KB.
  • To check the size of your image, right click on the image and click on properties
  • To resize your image:
    You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to resize your image if it is an available program on your computer
  • Right click on the image
  • Click on “open with”
  • Select Microsoft Office picture manager
  • Once the image is open in the program select “picture” from the top menu
  • Select resize
  • In the resize settings menu on the right select “predefined width height”
  • Select “web small”
  • Click “ok”
  • Click “File” and “Save” or “Save As”
    Your image is now ready to be uploaded
    If you do not have Microsoft Office Picture Manager you can Google online image resizing. One to try: shrink pictures
    Instructions are provided.

To convert pdf documents to images:
It is recommended that when you scan both your birth certificates and photos that you select “photo” or “image” on your scanner so that the file is not created as a pdf in the first place. If you have a file that has
already been created as a pdf you can Google “free online pdf to image converter” and utilize your preferred option to convert the pdf. One to try: Neevia document converter
Instructions are provided; however you basically
Select jpeg as the output format
Browse and select the pdf file
Select delivery method (Email a link to the document)
When email is received save the document to your computer

To upload the image:
Click on the document area
Browse and select the file
Click ok
(NOTE: Image resizing and converting software such as the above featured and are third party software companies not affiliated with Affinity Sports. Use at your own