Open Age Competitive schedule

Sunday, October 22, 2017

* changes from Original schedule in red (updated 10/19/17)

Game Venue Time Field Home Team   Home Team
190131 Noonday Park  05:00 PM  03 Rovers FC Orange vs. ATL Lions
 190130  Noonday Park  07:00 PM  12 Narwhal FC vs. A.T. FC
 190129  Hubert Park  07:00 PM  1 Ohana FC Mako vs. Jamhuri FC Red
 190133 CONCEDED     Ohana FC Wiki Wiki vs. Blue Devils FC
 190132 CONCEDED     Synergy FC vs. Tekkers FC

Game Day info

1)  Print 2 ADG /Affinity Match Day Game Reports

2) Print 1 ADG/Affinity Team Rosters

3) Make sure you and your players are at the field 30 minutes before kick off to check in

4) All players must present a current photo id – drivers license, passport or student