Policy on Game Starts & Minimum Players

1. Check in:

A. Begins a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time by the Officiating Referee Crew.
B. If the Center official is not available for check in then the Assistant Referees should assume this responsibility so that the game may start on time.

C. If the teams are not properly checked in by game start due to missing referees then as soon as the teams can be checked in, the game will begin with two equal full (45 Minute) regulation half’s.

2. Proper check in requires

A. The Team Administrator to have proper documentation including, Two official ADG/Affinity Game Day Match Reports, Official ADG/Affinity Team/Player Roster time stamp no earlier then 72 hours prior to scheduled kick off OR Individual Photo Embedded Player Passes issued by the league. If a team is using the ADG/Affinity Team Roster for check in the players must provide a current photo ID.

B. Players to be on the field, not in the parking lot, fully suited up, including team jersey,shin guards & cleats, and a photo ID if requested.

3. If at the scheduled Kick Off time a team does NOT have the required minimum number of players “properly checked in”;

A. Teams are allowed a full 15 minute grace period to field seven (7) players.

B. As soon as both teams have a minimum of seven (7) players the game will begin with two equal full (45 Minute) regulation half’s.

4. At the 16th minute the official is required: to call the two managers into the center of the field and discuss their options. If the option is a forfeit then the referee will blow his whistle to officially end the game.

5. If at the 16/17th minute one team does not the required minimum of seven (7) players properly checked in with the Officiating Crew, The Center official will call the two teams together and declare the game a forfeit. The team with enough players will be awarded the win, with a 3 to 0 score. The players may remain and scrimmage but the officials will be required to leave the field