Field Walkers/ Marshals

They are volunteers.. Do you know what they do?

Field Walkers go to the field every Sunday Morning (8:30 – 10am) rain or shine to make sure our fields are playable.

Walking a field is not a drive by, it is literally walking every field at the complex, all four corners and the goal areas.

This isn’t just about standing water but they also make sure that the gates are open, fields are lined, goals are either on the field or with in moveable distance and no exposed sprinkler heads. If the field is questionable at 10am then often times I ask them to re-walk between 12 – 1pm so that we can make updated

Between 3:30 – 4pm, they head to the fields to put out flags before they can go to their own games.

Halftime between 5:45 – 6pm, they turn on lights

After the last game they run around collecting flags and turning off the lights

You have to understand that lights & flags alone are a five hour commitment as most of the walkers only play at 5pm, so they
either hang around or have to run back to the fields after the last 7pm game.



Who are they…

Cary McCallum
Ed Price