Playing Divisions:
All divisions are 11v11 unless defined as another playing format

Division 1 – Competitive – Open Age 16 +
Division 2 – Intermediate – Open age 16+
Division 3 – Recreational – Open Age 16+
Division 4 – Recreational – Over 30+ age – currently allowing two players 28 and above

Masters – Over 40 Recreational – Players must turn 40 within the annual soccer year. Sept 1st – August 30th
Veterans – Over 50 Recreational – 7v7 playing format

Competitive – Any age with FIFA Rules – unlimited Substitution – limit 8 teams each

Recreational – FIFA Rules with 3 mods – unlimited Subs /No Slide Tackles/No goalkeeper contact
Veterans – zero Goal keeper contact & minimal field player contact

Division 4 Over 30 Rec – players must be age appropriate by season year-end – August 30
Masters Over 40 Rec – players must be age appropriate by season year end – August 30
Veterans Over 50 Rec – players must be age appropriate by season year end – August 30

New Teams:

New teams registering for the first time please indicate which division you
would like to be placed in and why you feel that division would be appropriate.
(For example: If you are requesting to be placed in Open Competitive you may want to
indicate the prior experience of your players).

If you are requesting an age specific division, please be aware that all players must turn eligible by August 30.

If requested CASL will schedule multiple pre-season scrimmages to help place new teams

CASL reserves the right to combine divisions based on the number of teams registering

cobbsoccer.org – Individual registration is $20 for player accident insurance which is
mandatory for Cobb County Parks & Recreation.