2022-23 11s Team Fees

Fee Structure
Cobb Adult Soccer runs an Annual Soccer Year from August to August with four separate seasons

Cobb Adult Soccer League has a two-tier fee structure of Individual Player Fees & Team Fees

Team Fee – 11 Aside – $1,600 per Season or $3,200 per year.

**Team fee of $1,600 is due at the start of each 11 Aside Season
1st Season (fall) is due by September 1st and 2nd Season is due by March 1st.
2021 – 2022 APS 11 Aside has two separate seasons (1st & 3rd) of eight games each.
1st Season runs from September through Thanksgiving & 2nd Season from March through Memorial Day

Team Fee – 7 Aside – $500 per Season or $1,000 per year
**Team fee of $500 is due at the start of each 7 Aside Season
2nd Season (Winter) is due by January 1st and 4th Season (Summer) is due by June 1st.
2022 – 2022 APS 7 Aside has two separate seasons of six games each.
2nd Season runs from January – Mid February & 4th Season from June – August

Individual Player Fee
Each player must register themselves with the league using the Affinity/Sports Connect Registration system
At the time of registration, a fee of $25.00 is due
This is an annual player fee that covers the player through the entire APS from August – August
Individual Player Fee is an player accident insurance through our affiliation with Georgia State Soccer
Individual player fee covers the player during any affiliated play of CASl/Georgia State/USASA/US Soccer
An individual player fee is a secondary insurance policy if the player has additional insurance
Individual players must acknowledge the electronic waivers before concluding their registration.

* the playing format of the eight-game schedule each half will be determined by the teams within the division.

** Cash awards were voted out by the team managers in spring 2018 in exchange for a reduced team fee.