2022/23 Cobb Adult Soccer Policies & Modifications

2022/23 Cobb Adult Soccer Policies & Modifications

Center Referees: It is your responsibility to be;

  1. timely to the field and to properly check in teams before the scheduled kick off.

  2. Contact the referee assignor if an AR is missing or issues with the fields, before game kick off.

    A. NO DUAL REFEREE SYSTEMS. US Soccer does not recognize the two man system for adults. If you are missing an AR, CASL managers must assign or run1/2 of each game

    B. NO MULTI FAMILY SYSTEMS – If you are assigned to the same field you need to contact the referee assignor for reassignment.

  3. File a post-game report with- in 48 hours to cobbsoccer.org

  4.  what you say matters! When you are on CASL fields working CASL games you are a representative of the CASL league and if you promote professionalism then league will only get better.

Pregame Check in starts a minimum of 15mins prior to scheduled kick off.

NO PLAYER MAY PLAY WITH OUT CHECKING IN, being listed on the Affinity/ADG official Team Roster, and presenting a current photo ID
*Please print your name and the names of your AR’s on the CASL Affinity/ADG Match Day Report.

Player Roster Maximums – 22 for Open, 24 for Masters – The Affinity/ADG official Game Day Match Report only allows 18 players, if the team has more than 18 and the player is on the Affinity Roster, the team must write the additional players on the Game day Match Report.
Games start when both teams have a minimum of 7 players.
Maximum grace period is 15 minutes, at the 16th minute you must walk to the center of the field, call both managers in and inform them that the game is forfeit due to lack of properly suited, checked in players.

Games will be equal 45 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. No game may be cut short for delayed check in, minimum player numbers, missing AR’s, lightning, weather conditions, or a field that was delayed by a previous game.
Games played into the 65th minute are considered played in full.

* List all information for both teams on the match day report before returning to both team managers.

*Reds/Yellows/Injuries, Terminations, forfeits and incidents need to be listed on both reports.

USSF Supplemental Reports are mandatory for terminations/forfeits/Injuries, Violent Conduct, Serious Foul Play or Referee assault or abuse
*Goal scorers for each team need to be listed on both game reports.

Red Carded players must leave the park.
A red carded (multi rostered) player may NOT play again on the same day.

League Wide Mod: Unlimited substitution

Recreational Mods:
NO Slide Tackles – Players may slide to keep the ball on the pitch but no player to player contact is allowed
NO Goalkeeper Contact – no direct or incidental contact with the goalkeeper is allowed. Players must avoid contact with the goalkeeper.
*Managers are required to submit a report in the affinity system and they need information for either teams or their game shows as Contested.

Laws of the Game – Referees and Players should download the IFAB app.

The web version can be viewed in the ‘Laws of the Game’ section on our website: theifab.com

It’s free at Google play for android users, and if you have an iPhone apple product at the app store where it is free also.

The Laws of the Game change every year