2019 February Scrimmage & Practice Schedules

February 10th
6pm Hubert Park OC – Atlanta Lions vs. Jamhuri FC
5pm Custer Park O30 – Walking Dead vs.

February 17th
5:00pm Hubert Park #1 O40 – Panthers vs. Bombers FC
5:00pm Hubert Park # 2 OC – Atlanta Titans vs. Jamhuri FC
5:00pm Hubert Park #4 OC – Atlanta Lions vs. Narwhal FC
TBA O30 – Walking Dead vs. Hibernian
TBA O40 – Dallas FC

Fields will open on February 09th for practice & games. If you would like practice or scrimmage time on either *Sunday the 10th or Sunday the 17th, please let me know asap.

Sunday February 10th field times are pushed back to 6 & 8pm to accommodate the SSA youth tournament.